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Easy Ways to Go Green on Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and 2023’s theme is Invest in Our Planet. At FORI.LIVE we are laser focused on innovation and that means investing in a new way to discover and shop for brands that have a positive impact on you and the planet!

Our live shopping platform allows us to showcase so many incredible products, including the newest sustainable brands for your green lifestyle! There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day - riding your bike instead of driving, grabbing a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic one, remembering to turn the lights off, and of course, discovering the newest products and brands that fit your lifestyle.

The live shopping revolution is changing the way people shop for and learn about brands and FORI.LIVE is leading the way. Check out our top picks for Earth Day:

Pretty and Purposeful - Discover Sustainable & Ethical Beauty

One Love Organics offers organic skin care products that are made in small batches at the company’s ECOCERT® manufacturing facility in Georgia. A manufacturing facility dedicated to natural and organic cosmetics is the only one of its kind in Georgia, and undergoes rigorous evaluation to ensure that all One Love products meet the highest quality, certified natural and organic, and environmentally friendly standards.

Check out the fan favorite Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm. The ultimate multi-tasker, this natural balm effortlessly removes makeup, while providing softer skin and a natural glow. What’s not to love?

Sip on a Reusable Water Bottle

Did you know that creating plastic bottles requires six times as much water during the manufacturing process as what ends up in the bottles themselves? We can do better than that!

Family owned and operated Purifyou aims to create simple, everyday products while being environmentally-friendly and health conscious. What’s even better, they donate a percentage of every product sold to the construction of wells in communities in-need around the globe.

Their high-tempered glass water bottle, which comes with a protective silicone sleeve, is available in an array of gorgeous colors including hazelnut and aqua blue. The ideal companion for hiking, the beach, the gym, at home, or your daily commute, Purifyou bottles are the perfect way to keep yourself hydrated while protecting the planet.

Try On Sustainable Clothing

We’ve all heard about the impacts of fast-fashion and we’re excited to share a brand with a focus on quality, comfort and sustainability!

Pact believes the planet, and the people on it, should always come first in fashion. Organic, carbon neutral and fair trade, Pact offers casual wear for women, men and children, including this organic cotton pullover hoodie, sure to become your newest go-to in lounge-wear! Soft and cozy bedding and towels in sumptuous fabrics round out Pact’s incredible collection of tasteful and comfortable goods that you can feel good about wearing.

However you decide to celebrate Mother Earth this year, you can be sure that FORI.LIVE will continue to bring you the best brands from across the globe. It’s not too late! Sign up for our launch at

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