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Elevate Your Holiday Party Outfit with These Style Essentials

Holiday parties are in full swing, and we don’t know about you, but we love getting dressed up and decked out for all the festivities. But sometimes, it’s hard figuring out what to wear. Story of our lives!

Then you finally figure it out, but it still doesn’t feel quite complete. Like your outfit needs a little something extra to make it POP!

Fortunately, giving it that “wow” factor doesn’t take much. You can easily elevate your holiday party outfit with these style essentials and feel fabulous heading to your next event.

Statement Jewelry

Whoever said jewelry is simply icing on the cake was seriously onto something.

So you’ve picked out a gorgeous black babydoll dress but feel like it could use a little something extra. Try sporting a chunky ring with matching earrings, or add a statement necklace. Really any jewelry people need to stop, stare, and take a closer look at.

Jewelry can make any slip dress or plain Jane outfit ten times more stylish and complete an entire look. We love chunky necklaces like this one from the J.Crew Factory store or these Muse Gold Textured Circle Earrings from Lulus.

Fabulous Red lipstick

Maybe jewelry’s not your thing, or you still want to add more to your holiday party look. Swiping on some amazing red lipstick will do just the trick.

But there are SO many red lipsticks to choose from! We hear you, and we got you.

You cannot (we repeat, cannot) go wrong with this Rouge Dior velvet red lipstick. It’s long-wearing, so chic, and is guaranteed to make your holiday party outfit pop!

On the other end, you may want a little sparkle instead. We’re here for it. In that case, this burlesque red sparkle lipstick from Haus Labs is just what you need. Bonus: it's under $15.

Anything Sequin or Sparkly

Nothing is as fun to wear as sequins, and your next holiday party is the best excuse to throw on a sparkly top and call it a day.

Some feel like a sequin dress can be a little too much. We understand that. But a sparkly top with a great pair of pants is an outfit anyone can rock.

You don’t even need statement jewelry or bold red lips. Sequins level up your holiday fit enough on their own.

We love this Sequin Ruched Strong Shoulder Top from Express, and it pairs well with sleek, black jeans. And how amazing is this Wine Red Crop Top from Lulus? More sequins, please!

Ready to take your holiday party outfit to the next level? Be sure to sign up for early access to FORI.LIVE! Our stores, brands, and influencers will help you shop live for any outfit essentials you need right on your phone or tablet!

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