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Why FORI.LIVE is the Livestream Shopping Platform You Didn’t Know You Needed

These days, shopping is mayhem. Understaffed retail stores, under-trained retail staff, low inventory, over-crowded shopping centers, etc… It all points to one thing: traditional shopping just isn’t cutting it anymore. That’s one of the reasons that FORI.LIVE is about to change the game for U.S. shoppers. But what is FORI.LIVE, why do we need it now, and who’s behind it? Read on to see what all the FORI.LIVE fuss is about.

What is FORI.LIVE?

FORI.LIVE is a livestream shopping platform that’s revolutionizing the way we shop. It’s a live video marketplace that brings together stores, shoppers, and influencers to create unique, entertaining, and rewarding shopping experiences. It’s kinda like QVC for Gen Z (but, um, cooler.)

In a nutshell, FORI.LIVE is where you can shop live via your computer or phone, get real-time product information and insights from trusted influencers, and do it all live with your friends. It’s the future of shopping -- so much so that according to Coresight Research, the U.S. livestreaming market is expected to hit $25 billion (yes, billion with a B) by 2023.

Why do we need it now?

Besides the shopping stresses above, retail stores are disappearing as more brands are finding success with online shops and ditching brick and mortar. Shopify alone is powering over 1.1 million online stores in the U.S.!

Not only are consumers shopping online, but we’re turning to influencers for reviews and recommendations. Research shows that word-of-mouth is still incredibly powerful, as consumers are 5.2x more likely to make purchases based on recommendations. Even more staggering than that, 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family. Consumers are hungry for informative, helpful content -- and the more timely, the better.

It’s an online shopping evolution, and FORI.LIVE’s prepped to make it a revolution with solutions for online stores AND shoppers.

FORI.LIVE puts selling power and influence into the hands of online stores by enabling live selling and enhanced social shopping. It helps each participating brand become an Influence Brand™ with eCommerce and Brand Courses at FORI University. (Really! It’s launching soon.)

Shoppers benefit from in-the-moment buying power, deeper connections to the brands they love, plus the convenience of doing it all from a phone or a computer.

And maybe most importantly -- it brings back the FUN of shopping! FORI.LIVE infuses the excitement of getting together with your friends and the delight of finding items you know you’re going to love!

Who’s behind FORI.LIVE?

The Founding team behind FORI.LIVE is a super impressive lineup of entrepreneurs with serious e-commerce SaaS technology and marketing expertise.

Founder Domingo Sivas is an e-commerce expert who builds companies from the ground up. One began with an idea written on a cocktail napkin and then was sold for eight figures just a few years later.

Founder Bishop Stewart’s e-commerce expertise has earned him spots in best-selling business books such as ‘Never Work Again’ and teaching e-commerce to entrepreneurs worldwide. He’s also been a founding member of several successful start-ups.

Alec Stern, heading up Strategic Market Development, was one of the original 3 founders of Constant Contact. Alec was with the company for 18 years from start-up to IPO, a $1.1 Billion-Dollar acquisition.

Michelle Kimball, FORI.LIVE CMO, also a founding member of Constant Contact,

The fab four joined together and created FORI.LIVE because they saw a need for it, and they have the network and know-how to pull it off. They know they’ve struck startup gold with FORI.LIVE, and now you do too. Sign up now at and get early access to your new favorite way to shop.

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