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Live Shopping is About to Change Everything

Livestream shopping is here - and bringing with it the best of both worlds: the convenience of ecommerce and the personalized experience of in-store shopping. Learn how livestream shopping with FORI.LIVE is about to change our everyday shopping habits below.

Online shopping has changed just so much about the retail experience in recent years - it’s hard to remember a time before Amazon trucks and daily deliveries changed our shopping habits for good. Gone are the days of waiting in long lines or battling over a parking spot only to find they are sold out of your size and color! And what’s not to love about the effortless experience of shopping from your couch, armchair or cozy bed? Search, browse, add to cart, pay, and wait for your newest purchase to arrive on your doorstep (sometimes, within a day!).

If you ask us, almost every aspect of the online experience has made shopping easier. And it seems like most people agree - with sales climbing steadily year over year and almost 34% of the global population identifying as an online shopper. Now that’s a lot of packages!

Yet there are times when you just want something more personal. Do you ever wish you could ask a quick question - the best style of leggings for your body type, or how long it takes to break in those boots (and do they run big or small?) - from someone who has used the product? This is where the Livestream shopping experience shines and where FORI.LIVE’s all new platform comes into play. With a live host, limited time sales and offers, and an interactive experience that makes shopping engaging and fun, Livestream shopping provides that missing link between the in-person and online experience. And that’s why FORI.LIVE is so excited to be a part of the online shopping revolution. From luxury candles and take-anywhere tumblers - to trendy looks for women and men - we’ve got you covered with the newest brands and best deals.

This month, FORI.LIVE launches our livestream shopping platform and with it, a whole new way to shop for the things you love, as well as a way to discover and experience new products. Want to be a part of our launch? Sign up now to get all the latest news and updates and never miss a thing!

Check back soon for more amazing brands and offers on the FORI.LIVE livestream platform! Sign-up for early access here:

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