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Proper Trouble Tumblers

Created by female owned business partners in their home studio, Proper Trouble is the latest brand to launch on FORI.LIVE’s livestream shopping platform and we couldn’t be more excited to get to know the story behind the brand.

Combining humor, fun, and laid back vibes with items you use every day, Proper Trouble is a brand for those who like to have fun and don’t take things too seriously! Their current product lineup offers tumblers for every occasion in a perfectly sized (and priced) array of options and styles!

Co-creators and friends Heidi and Emily launched the business after discovering their shared love of all things crafty and creative.

Heidi discovered her knack for creativity after raising her three children in a home-schooled environment, which forced her to create and craft every day. Emily grew up in a family of crafty people, learning to cross-stitch before she even learned to ride a bike!

Proper Trouble is who is inspired by the world around them. Both Heidi and Emily hope their creations make people think, laugh, inspire conversations and hopefully bring a smile to your face. Discover Proper Trouble’s endless tumbler creations on our next FORI.LIVE livestream event!

This month, FORI.LIVE launches our livestream shopping platform and with it, a whole new way to shop for the things you love, as well as a way to discover and experience new products. Want to be a part of our launch? Sign up now to get all the latest news and updates and never miss a thing!

Check back soon for more amazing brands and offers on the FORI.LIVE livestream platform! Sign-up for early access here:

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