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5 Reasons Why Guys Are Going to Love FORI.LIVE

It’s a common misconception that guys don’t like to shop. Of course they do – everyone loves the rush of getting something new and exciting! It’s the logistics that they usually don’t want to deal with. They want the new stuff, they love the new stuff, they just don’t want to have to “go shopping.” Well, good news, Dudes. FORI.LIVE is a game changer.

Note: For this not-so-scientific study, we’re basing our findings on the boyfriends, husbands, dads, and brothers we all know and love. We’ve watched them struggle out in the wild (malls and stand-alone shops), listened to them vent (complain) for years, and we’ve finally found the solution for them (and us!) Of course, we’re making wild generalizations, and we KNOW all men aren’t the same… but, well, they do have a lot in common.

And with our collective expert “research,” we’ve compiled this list. Here are the top 5 reasons why guys are going to love FORI.LIVE:

Reason #1: With FORI.LIVE, you can avoid “shopping” and just buy what you want. Gone are the days of having to scour store after store, searching through racks for what you want. You don’t have to drive, find a parking spot, run into anyone you don’t feel like seeing, or feel pressure to buy something in a store from a pushy salesperson. You simply log on, watch the livestream, and buy what you want. Done.

Reason #2: Get the info you need and the opinions you want, without the pushy salespeople. You don’t have to talk to a soul when you’re on FORI.LIVE. You can just watch the questions others are asking and benefit from the answers. Or, you can chat with, and get the opinions of, the people you know and trust in the chat functionality. You can ask questions and get real answers in real time. And you’ll never have to pretend to get a phone call to get away from an overzealous salesperson.

Reason #3: You can shop without pants on. No shoes, no shirt, no…pants? No problem!

Reason #4: For visual people, you can “see” what you’re buying (vs. mannequin shopping.) What’s mannequin shopping? That’s when he can’t visualize what an item of clothing on a hanger will look like on a human body… so he just buys the outfit he sees on the random mannequin in the store instead. (Some of us have first-hand experience with this. And a lot of random mannequin outfits.) With FORI.LIVE’s influencers, they’ll show you how an item looks, moves, stretches (or doesn’t) on a real person in real life, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Reason #5: If shopping was a video game – FORI.LIVE would be it! Seriously, it’s new, it’s techy, it’s fun, and you can chat with your buddies. Heck, you can even do it sitting in your basement, eating pizza, with your headphones on while you ignore the rest of the world – just like a video game.

So, FORI.LIVE… It’s the new MVP. Sign up now – and share it with all the dudes in your life!

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