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Autumn Wardrobe Staples You Absolutely Need in Your Closet

The changing of seasons brings new fashion trends and wardrobe pieces into the spotlight. Some we’re

excited about coming back into style, and some are timeless pieces we’ll always have in our closet until the end of time.

Fall fashion may just be our favorite style of all. From top to bottom, we’ve singled out four autumn wardrobe staples you absolutely need in your closet, and we’re ready to dive in.


If you haven’t already purchased a shacket or two in the past couple of years, now’s the time to snag this fall wardrobe essential.

Shackets–or shirt jackets–are the perfect layering piece. They’re thicker than a flannel, so they keep you warm and cozy, and a little oversized to leave room for layering while making you look effortlessly cool.

We love this Tonal Check Oversized Shacket from boohoo for women and this Stretch Corduroy Snap-Up Shirt Jacket from Nordstrom for the guys.

Flare Yoga Pants

It’s been a while since we’ve religiously worn any flare pants, but they’re back, and they’re back with a fiery vengeance.

And honestly, we’re not mad about it.

Yoga pants are a staple in anyone’s closet, and they’re just so dang comfy! But now you’ve got to get yourself a pair of these Cloud Flare Pant from Vitality. The subtle side slits give them extra style points, and they pair great with any white platform sneaker.


Another classic wardrobe piece that’s been making a comeback is Uggs. Not to worry, they’re adapting to the times and giving us more options than those infamous calf-high ones you used to wear in middle school.

Platform shoes are in their heyday right now, and these Classic Ultra Mini Platform Boots from Ugg are another platform shoe you can happily add to your closet. If platforms aren’t your thing (and that’s totally okay), these Classic Mini II Boots are rising in popularity and will do just fine!


Will beanie season ever go out of style? We REALLY hope not. If you’re not a proud beanie owner, we need to change that right now.

This autumn wardrobe staple is highly versatile and not only keeps your head nice and warm on chilly nights but can bring an entire look together. This Carhartt Beanie is simple, classic, and great for either men or women.

Ready to snag some of these autumn wardrobe staples? Sign up for Early Access to FORI.LIVE! Our brands will help you shop for all the fall essentials and answer any questions you have live!

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