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Expectation vs. Reality… Livestream Shopping to the Rescue

Raise your hand if you’ve ever ordered something online that LOOKS great, but when it arrives… you’re seriously disappointed. If we could see you, we’re sure you’d have your hand raised. The struggle is real.

Of course, there are many awesome benefits to shopping online. You can shop from anywhere -- your bed, your car, your bathtub. You can wear anything you want -- no shoes, no shirt… no sweat!

But even though online shopping is easier and more convenient than fighting the crowds & trekking all around town, there is still a huge hurdle: expectation vs. reality.

Not sure what we mean? Just do an online search and you’ll find a hilarious round-up of examples, like when you order a gorgeous gown but it shows up looking like a sad lace potato sack.

Sometimes you really need to see how a dress moves, or see a color close up or in different lighting, or how it looks on a REAL person’s body. And we all want to see how a product is used or hear how a real person (who you know — and trust) uses or wears a particular product. Well, FORI.LIVE is here to make that happen!

The beauty of FORI.LIVE’s platform, where livestream selling meets social shopping, is that you can still shop online from the comfort of your own home, but you can shop in REAL time via LIVE video, with REAL people and REAL brands.

When one of your favorite influencers on FORI.LIVE shows you how the shirt you’re eyeing has a little stretch (or doesn’t); when you get to see the consistency of a beauty product on someone’s hand or face, rather than just a photo -- that can make all the difference. And if you’re thinking returns could be an issue, check this out: returns are actually 50% lower when a product is bought from a livestream video compared to traditional e-commerce channels. (Coresight Data)

FORI.LIVE is like shopping + video + your friends + real-time and live… pretty compelling, right? And because you get to experience the products right then and there -- and ask questions and get real-time answers -- you know what you see is what you’re gonna get. Thanks to livestream shopping on FORI.LIVE, from now on, it’ll be crystal clear.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today on FORI.LIVE and be a part of the early access launch coming soon!

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