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Make Your Home Smell Just like the Holidays with These Amazing Candles

There are a million and one reasons why we love this time of year. Between the endless amounts of yummy holiday food and the changing colors of the leaves, there’s something about the end of the year that feels simply magical.

But some of our favorite nights are those curled up with a warm, fuzzy blanket, a piping hot cup of cocoa, and a fragrant candle to set the holiday mood. Deck out your home with all the decor you want, but it doesn’t feel quite complete without that final touch of your favorite seasonal scent.

Struggling to choose the perfect candles to compliment your home and holiday vibe? We have a few top of mind that’ll make your home smell beyond wonderful and just like the holidays!

Christmas Cookie

There’s something euphoric about freshly baked Christmas cookies coming right out of the oven. The smell is delicious, and it usually (and thankfully) travels quickly throughout the house.

So whoever had the idea to make this smell into a candle scent was a pure genius.

Yankee Candle’s Christmas Cookie Studio Collection Glass Candle smells exactly like buttery-rich, vanilla holiday sugar cookies. Skip the baking mess and grab a few of these 10oz candles instead.

Essence of Winter Spruce

Some people love the aromas of holiday baking, and others indulge in the fragrant smells of nature.

This “Holiday” Luxury Candle from Harlem Candle Co. is inspired by Billie Holiday’s favorite perfume and smells of pine needles, winter spruce, spicy cedarwood, and mint-infused eucalyptus.

If you’re dreaming of bringing the outdoors inside, this is the perfect candle for all you nature lovers. Bundle up with a good book and your favorite blanket, and light this candle up for a cozy night.

Spiced Latte

Nothing says fall quite like a nice, hot spiced latte. We get ecstatic when these return in October, and we’re still downing them in November.

It’s not only the taste that’s delicious but the smell too!

Fontana Candle Co’s Spiced Latte essential oil candle has blends of ginger, nutmeg, clove, and cassia oils that smells just like a fresh latte. Light a few of these around your home for a rich, warm aroma you can’t get enough of.

Autumn Hayride

If you’ve ever gone for a hayride, you have a pretty good idea what that smells like. Thankfully, you can bring that woodsy aroma right into the house for a cozy fall vibe.

The Autumn Hayride candle from Homesick is another perfect one to add to your holiday candle collection. It combines scents of fresh hay, birch wood, and sweet maple that remind you of hayrides outside in the crisp, fresh air.

Think you’re ready to go candle shopping for the perfect holiday scents? Be sure to sign up for early access to FORI.LIVE! Our influencers and brands will help you pick the best candles to make your home smell just like the holidays!

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